Serving Our Community Since 1814 Francestown Village Store

Good Friends, Strong Roots About Our Store

Established in 1814, the Francestown Village Store was the 2nd oldest continuously operating general store in the state. The Long Store, built by Peter Clark in 1814, has also been the home of two banks (Francestown Saving Bank-1851~1863 & First National Bank of Francestown-1863~1891), the Post Office, a Harness Maker, Jeweler, the Mt. Crotchet Engine Company No. 1., Vadney's General Store, and perhaps several others along the way, proudly serving our community for over 200 years.

A few of us who have been around a while remember being welcomed by the Vadney's, Kim & Kip Dalley, Ben & Song, Jason & Jennifer Martel, and Rob & Christina Wohle. We remember Halloween nights, Labor Days, and endless other ways this place has been a vital part of our community.

Come visit and we guarantee that you will find everything you [really] need in this quaint New England place.

Looking Back Francestown's Finest

1895 Fire Dept at Long Store

The Mt Crotched Fire Department of 1895 in front of Long Store.

The Many Faces of The Long Store

Long Store with Horse and Carriage

Carriage at the Long Store, unknown date.